Friday, April 23, 2010

a life is…

a journey
a play
a sojourn

a challenge
a gift
a curse

a chance
a choice
a recess

a struggle
a stride
a voyage

a puddle
a stream
a sea

a pain
a pleasure
a penance

a prayer
a sport
a search

its all about
being and living
in an eternal present,
in the moment,
right here and right now…

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Gospel Truth

the gospel truth;
just one life,
a brief temp,
not by choice.

fortunate few
watch and choose
to eat and drink
to love and hate

the days and nights pass
before the dawn of past
at least; at times
take deep breathes
and often sigh!

the birth and death
are so similar
though, varied much

another dawn!
another dusk!
another day!
to seize or surrender!

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Verity

Yes, for instance
every flower may dream to be fruit
and each fruit to bear seed
every seed to sprout
and every sprout to be plant

But, is it possible?
for each flower to allure bee
every bee to promote pollen
every pollen to assure gamete
and every gamete to promise spore

Yet, we are lost in the race
So deceptive and spurious
ignoring the rest...
forever missing the moment
and kissing the death!

And most certainly,
we need dreams
to drive us…
and never to ruin!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Oh friend!
for now, you are on
the winning spree!
Perhaps, it might last for long…
No problem,
you can all the more go ahead
and have your way all through
and conquer the world!
and build sumptuous castles
and be blessed with all
you just wish for…

You may even,
demolish our dwellings
as quick as catastrophe
and take away meager fields,
our life-lines!
ruin our identity,
even the existence
Absolutely, no issues…
Push us, push us buddy
to the lower depths,
a point of no return

You can, my pal!
Further, destroy our dreams and desires
as swiftly as voracious wildfire
our feelings and fantasies,
faiths and beliefs,
values and morals
hopes and expectations
Yet be sure, come what may
We shall bounce back soon!

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Fervid Foursome!

Do they really mean something?
Or did they ever leave an impact eternal
It doesn’t seem so…today, though
They won’t inspire us enough
to counter the grave menace of all isms…
or may be its well ripened bitter fruit
the over greediness has nullified them all at once
or by any chance do we demand or deserve far more greater
icons to lead us to the eternal bliss…
or could we just ignore as usual
and simply say…bad luck or fate!
Well, some say the day of reckoning is fast approaching…
The rest solicit sacred solace from divine ignorance
and resort to the everlasting mundane chores!
Let me confess candidly,
I am so helpless and hapless soul!
Yet, wishing one and all
All the best!