Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Oh friend!
for now, you are on
the winning spree!
Perhaps, it might last for long…
No problem,
you can all the more go ahead
and have your way all through
and conquer the world!
and build sumptuous castles
and be blessed with all
you just wish for…

You may even,
demolish our dwellings
as quick as catastrophe
and take away meager fields,
our life-lines!
ruin our identity,
even the existence
Absolutely, no issues…
Push us, push us buddy
to the lower depths,
a point of no return

You can, my pal!
Further, destroy our dreams and desires
as swiftly as voracious wildfire
our feelings and fantasies,
faiths and beliefs,
values and morals
hopes and expectations
Yet be sure, come what may
We shall bounce back soon!

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