Friday, April 2, 2010

The Fervid Foursome!

Do they really mean something?
Or did they ever leave an impact eternal
It doesn’t seem so…today, though
They won’t inspire us enough
to counter the grave menace of all isms…
or may be its well ripened bitter fruit
the over greediness has nullified them all at once
or by any chance do we demand or deserve far more greater
icons to lead us to the eternal bliss…
or could we just ignore as usual
and simply say…bad luck or fate!
Well, some say the day of reckoning is fast approaching…
The rest solicit sacred solace from divine ignorance
and resort to the everlasting mundane chores!
Let me confess candidly,
I am so helpless and hapless soul!
Yet, wishing one and all
All the best!

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